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Massive immigration to Europe from the US surprises

Historically being the home countries of generations of immigrants to the US Western European countries like the UK and Germany face a significant increase of immigration from the US since this June. Though no full analysis of what is going on is available right now, published data about the immigrants show that a high percentage of them belong to a group usually described as nerds or geeks.

The own research of satiredienst.de shows a connection with the iPhone 4 antenna problem. "I want to live in a country where I actually can use my new iPhone 4" was the top answer by all immigrants we were able to speak with, added by "if this cannot be AT&T country then I am on the move.".

Though, not all immigrants are welcomed by the local citizens. Certain resentments become obvious. "If they come to live in our country they at least should bring their own iPhone 4, the very few iPhones available to us should not end in the hands of foreigners" was one ugly, but common statement by locals. Only some of those locals already got an own iPhone assigned to by local carrier T-Mobile.

Not every one in the US is ready to make this step right now, some have found alternatives. "It is not true that there are reception problems anywhere in the US, i.e. on the West Coast you can easily make a phone call from Portland, Oregon" , one iPhone owner explained to us on the phone after a ten hour ride from San Francisco to make that phone call. Rumors go that there are as well a few places on the east coast where the call usually does not drop during the first minute.

Analysts show no big sympathy right now for a recall of the iPhone 4 requested by some. "Well, you have those reception issues, but for a successful recall Apple has to be able to get the iPhones back" one financial analyst wrote. "Yes, I cannot make a call with my iPhone, but anyway you only get my iPhone from my cold dead hand." was a user comment on the Apple support forums . It is unknown right now if a cold dead hand improves or degrades reception quality. Anyway, using force to retrieve the phones from the customers could just increase the PR disaster for Apple.

Asked how life in Germany feels during the first weeks, we usually got the answer "Donīt know, I live on Facebook and Twitter." Now, that those iPhone immigrants finally can make phone calls, a surprisingly low number of them actually does them. "Who should I call? What should I talk about now that my iPhone just works?" we heard from iPhone owners. These problems will certainly rise as the new "Friend Bar" in Apple stores (see the coverage on the Onion News Network) are not available in Europe right now.

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